All services are +GST and applicable surcharges

All products are +GST & PST and applicable surcharges

Short                                    $65+tax     2hr 
Medium                               $70+tax     2hr 
Long                                    $75+tax     2hr 
Nail Fix                                $5+tax        30min 

Nail enhancements at Alayna Esthetics proudly utilize Aprés Nail Gel-X nail extensions and gel - manufactured from cutting edge soft gel formulas for convenient soak-off capabilities. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails. Application time is significantly reduced, even though a fresh set is applied at each visit! This product is revolutionary and the future of nail enhancements.

the investment

Re-application recommended at 3-4 weeks, just like any traditional gel enhancement. Fills are not needed as your old set will be soaked off and a brand new, fresh set is applied at each visit.

Nail Art                                $2 per nail    

French ombre/tips, dry glitter, marble, hand painting, foils

glow-in-the-dark, charms, chrome, ombre, etc.

Swarovski (S/M)                              $0.50 each
Swarovski (L)                                   $0.75 each
Swarovski (XL)                                $4 each
Full Swarovski Nail                              $12 


2x Full Swarovski Nail                         $24 


Full Swarovski Nail                              $15 


2x Full Swarovski Nail                         $30 


Swarovski Nail Refill                           $12 
Nail Oil                                $10

To ensure that your nails last and to avoid lifting, it is very important that you use nail oil on a daily basis to help keep your nails hydrated. With the dry, cold weather we experience, it is essential that you follow proper after care!

Next completed studio feature is the nai
Lash Lift + Tint                      $75+tax     1hr 30min
Lash Tint                                $30+tax     30min
Brow Tint                               $30+tax     30min

Lash lifting is a great way to enhance your natural lashes without the cost or maintenance that comes with lash extensions. When combined with a tint, your lashes will be given the effect of mascara while no longer pointing straight or downwards. Instead, they will be lifted and curled.

Please understand that lash and brow tinting is the process of dyeing your brow/lash hairs darker. You must already have hair in those areas for the best results. Tinting will not change your shape in any way. It will just darken and enhance what you already have.

Brow shaping
Brow Shape + Tint               $55+tax     1hr 
Brow Tidy                              $40+tax     1hr 

In our brow shaping services, we create a brow shape that will complement your face and features. During the service, we map your brows out according to your facial structure. Your shape is always shown to you before waxing to ensure that you love them. We can make any tweaks if need be. Then we will  wax, tweeze, trim your brows to create the desired shape. Once shaped, we can either tint your brows or fill in your brows with brow makeup.

Brow tidy is simply just cleaning up your brows to maintain them. This service will follow 3-4 weeks after your initial brow shape.

Extra goodies
Hempz - Mash-Ups Sweet & Fruity Herbal Body Moisturizer (17oz)  $24+tax

A moisturizer that blends our Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt and Sugarcane & Papaya scents.

Hempz - Mash-Ups Fresh & Juicy Herbal Body Moisturizer (17oz)  $24+tax

A limited-edition lotion that blends our Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon and Fresh Coconut & Watermelon scents.

Hempz - Mash-Ups Tart & Creamy Herbal Body Moisturizer (17oz)  $24+tax

A moisturizer that blends Triple Moisture (Grapefruit and Peach) and Pomegranate scents, just in time for Summer.

Hempz - Limited-Edition Spun Sugar & Vanilla Bean Herbal Body Moisturizer (2.25oz)  $12+tax

New for fall—our ultra-hydrating lotion, with a creamy, comforting scent of spun sugar and vanilla bean and finely ground mica, a naturally occurring mineral that gives a subtle shimmer to skin.

Hempz - Limited-Edition Pumpkin Spice & Vanilla Chai Herbal Body Moisturizer (2.25oz)  $12+tax

A fall favorite—our ultra-hydrating lotion, with a comforting, autumnal scent.

Hempz - Limited-Edition Whip It Good! Maple Buttercream Herbal Body Moisturizer (2.25oz)  $12+tax

Protect and hydrate winter skin from the elements with this creamy, candy-like lotion.

Hempz - Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer (2.25oz)  $12+tax

Our vegan lotion helps condition skin with pure hemp seed oil, hinders free radicals, and tempts the senses with a floral-and-banana fragrance.

Hempz - Blushing Grapefruit & Raspberry Crème Herbal Body Moisturizer (2.25oz)  $12+tax

This rich hemp seed lotion helps firm skin, even skin tone, and encourage radiance with grapefruit and raspberry extracts.